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Our adventure began some time ago.

 We already had a pleasant experience hosting guests in our Camino de Santiago Duplex in the city of Pontevedra, when we decided to purchase Bosque de Xarás. We wanted to offer a different destination, after discovering this magnificent house and its surroundings. This house is located in the municipality of Marín, near Lapamán beach, in the middle of the countryside, with sea views and an impressive sunset over the Ons Islands.

We also included a studio, Camino de Rodeira, located very close to Rodeira urban beach in the municipality of Cangas, which is a pleasant experience for everyone who stays there.

We completed this exciting project with 4 exclusive cabins, Cabañas de Xarás. Located in the municipality of Marín with views of the Ría de Pontevedra estuary. Luxury and sustainability combine in these refuges where you will enjoy a unique environment.

Nature, beach, forest and spectacular views of the Ría de Pontevedra estuary.

Maximum capacity: (10 pax)

Your Camino de Santiago will be a great experience staying in our duplex apartment in the city of Pontevedra.

Maximum capacity: (6 pax)

Four refuges thoughtfully designed to offer you an exclusive experience with views of Ons Island.

Maximum capacity: (4 pax)

This 83 m2 duplex apartment is located in the heart of the historic area of Pontevedra.

Maximum capacity: (4 pax)

Studio on the urban beach of the municipality of Cangas, a pleasant experience for everyone who stays there.

Maximum capacity: (4 pax)

Two-story accommodation of 110 m2 with a small balcony overlooking Rúa Real.

Maximum capacity: (6 pax)

Bosque de Xarás

Naturaleza, playa y monte, y unas espectaculares vistas de la Ría de Pontevedra.

Camino de Rodeira

Estudio en la playa urbana del municipio de Cangas, una grata experiencia para todos los que se alojan en el.

Camino de Santiago

Tu camino a Santiago será una gran experiencia alojándote en nuestro Dúplex de la ciudad de Pontevedra.

Cabañas de Xarás



They share their experiences.

We have achieved the Superhost category for the third consecutive year, thanks to all our guests who have stayed at our accommodations and their more than 100 fantastic comments. Thank you so much everyone!

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