Bosque de Xarás



Our adventure began because of this majestic centennial willow tree. We already had a pleasant experience hosting guests in our Camino de Santiago Duplex in the city of Pontevedra, when we decided to purchase Bosque de Xarás. We wanted to offer a different destination, after discovering this magnificent house and its surroundings. This house is located in the municipality of Marín, near Lapamán beach, in the middle of the countryside, with sea views and an impressive sunset over the Ons Islands.
We included a studio, Camino de Rodeira, to complete this exciting project. It is located very close to Rodeira urban beach in the municipality of Cangas. A pleasant experience for everyone who stays there.

BOSQUE DE XARÁS, charming house

Bosque de Xarás is a very special house. It is located in a spectacular area with all the facilities we look for when we want to enjoy some fantastic days to get away and relax. It is a completely renovated traditional Galician stone house in a centennial natural environment. Bosque de Xarás is surrounded by nature, beach, forest, spectacular views of the Ría de Pontevedra estuary and memorable sunsets over the Ons Islands.

The house

The layout is the interior charm of our Bosque de Xarás house.

By simply opening one of its two exterior doors, we find ourselves in a spacious LIVING ROOM with large windows that allow us to enjoy the views of the Ría de Pontevedra estuary and the Ons Islands. You can rest, read or watch TV on two large sofas placed in a very special corner with two lamps that provide cozy lighting. A pellet stove ideal for cold winter days is also part of this fantastic corner. Open concept KITCHEN and DINING ROOM that includes a table for ten guests. A fully equipped kitchen with essential kitchenware.

There is also a TOILET that completes the first floor of this great house available all year round.

There is a staircase in the living room that leads to the MASTER BEDROOM where a hallway leads to the BATHROOM with a large shower, the WALK-IN CLOSET and a double bed. There is also a SITTING AREA with views of the pool, the estuary and the Ons Islands.

If we go back, a hall connects this part of the house with the bedroom area. The back door leads to a small patio with stairs to the outside where you can also access the house. A ROOM WITH FOUR SINGLE BEDS, another ROOM WITH TWO SINGLE BEDS that turn into a double bed and a third ROOM WITH A DOUBLE BED make up the bedroom area. In this part of the house you can find a FULL BATHROOM with a bathtub, a LIVING AREA with a TV and a pellet stove and a READING AREA.


Free on-site parking

Outdoor swimming pool


Ocean views


Free Wifi

Flat-screen TV




Washing machine



Hair dryer


Non-smoking rooms

Pet friendly

The environment

Our house is located in a green environment. In its large property you can discover every corner and hideouts for the young and not so young, as if they were in a fairytale adventure. You can get away or read among magnolia trees, fir trees, oaks, fruit trees and willow trees that make up the flora of our private forest.

If you want to see blue, you only have to look towards the estuary and enjoy its beauty. The mix of green and blue is in the OUTDOOR POOL that invites you to relax and enjoy the landscape on four sun loungers and large umbrellas. In the garden area, under a small porch, there are two tables with chairs for having lunch or dinner outside and an outdoor grill for perfect barbecues.

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They have already experienced it



The beaches

Bosque de Xarás, charming house, is a two minute drive to Lapamán beach, a twelve minute walk to A Coviña beach and a three minute drive to Santo do Mar beach. Agrelo beach in Bueu is a six minute drive and in Marín, the beaches of Aguete and Loira, seven minutes by car. Cangas, a very touristy and fishing village is 12 km away. There you will find a multitude of beautiful beaches in both the Ría de Vigo estuary and the Ría de Aldán estuary.

In Bueu and Cangas, you can purchase round-trip tickets to visit and spend a great day on the wild beaches of the Ons Islands. If what you want is to enjoy the paradisiacal beaches of the Cíes Islands, you can leave from the ferry terminal of Cangas. It is an essential trip that must be made to the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park.

Playa de Lapamán

La playa de Lapamán es un arenal situado entre los ayuntamientos de Marín y Bueu, en la provincia de Pontevedra. Tiene una longitud de 800 metros y una arena fina y blanca.​ Limita al norte con la playa de A Coviña y al sur con la Playa de Covelo.

Playa de A coviña

Longitud (metros): 120.0
Tipo: Playa resguardada
Tipo de arena: Fina

Playa Santo do Mar

Longitud (metros): 350.0
Tipo: Playa resguardada
Tipo de arena: Fina

Playa de Agrelo

La playa de Agrelo se encuentra en la Ensenada de Bueu en la parroquia de Cela y tiene casi 600 metros de longitud y se separa de la playa de Portomaior por una punta arenosa y dunar. A la izquierda se separa de la playa de Loureiro por Punta Corbeiro. Esta parte mira hacia el NO mientras que Portomaior se encara prácticamente al norte. Dos pequeños ríos vierten sus agua a esta playa, el Rego da Pena y el Rego do Barranco do Inferno. Un pequeño paseo recorre este hermoso arenal. La carretera estrecha de esta playa impide el aparcamiento junto a ella, por lo que habrá que buscar estacionamiento a cierta distancia.

Playa de Aguete

La Playa de Aguete ubicada en el municipio pontevedrés de Marín, es de las más extensas y es perfecta para bañarse con los niños en verano, ya que ha sido galardonada nuevamente con el galardón de Bandera Azul.

Isla de Ons

La isla de Ons es una isla perteneciente al municipio de Bueu, situada a la entrada de la ría de Pontevedra. Es la principal isla del archipiélago de las Ons, junto con la isla de Onza y otros pequeños islotes. 

Islas Cíes

Las islas Cíes son un archipiélago situado en la provincia de Pontevedra al noroeste de la península ibérica, en la boca de la ría de Vigo, parte de las Rías Bajas gallegas, en España, formado por tres islas: Norte o Monteagudo, Del Medio o do Faro y Sur o San Martín. Las islas pertenecen al municipio de Vigo.​​ 

Where to eat


We always appreciate when someone recommends the best places to eat. We will start with the town of Bueu, which is the closest to the Bosque de Xarás house.


Restaurante Estrella

Calle Xoan Carballeira, 6, Bueu 986 32 06 75


Restaurante Loureiro

Avenida Loureiro, 13 986 32 07 19


Restaurante Pescador

Calle Xoan Carballeira, s/n 986 32 42 69


Restaurante Nordés

Rúa Kayrel, 3.  986 11 13 03


Restaurante O Chouzo

Rúa Caripa, 59.  986 32 12 26


Restaurante Estrellita

Calle Xoan Carballeira, s/n  986 32 43 26


O Farol

Avenida de Montero Ríos, 207.  986 32 19 21


La Perfecta

Calle Ibis – Local 4.  Tfno 986 19 85 50


Noite de Tapas e Petiscos

Rúa do Santán, 18.  605 98 39 41

Cangas do Morrazo

If you visit Cangas, these are the best places to snack and eat delicious products.


Martinnus Taperia

Rúa Eduardo Vincenti, 6, Bajo.  986 30 34 83


Dos Chata Tapería

Rúa Alfredo Saralegui, 28. 986 30 09 23


Casa Porrón

Rua Eugenio Sequeiros, 15.  986 30 34 51


Restaurante Tía Brígida

Rúa do Arco, 10 986 39 23 26


Restaurante Casa Macillos – Cocina Gallega

 Rúa Alfredo Saralegui. 986 30 05 17


Restaurante Sol Poniente – Cocina Gallega

Rúa Antonio Nores, 4.  986 30 02 97


Restaurante O Bruño

Rúa Celso Emilio Ferreiro, 10.  986 30 67 60


Manolo Mañanita

Plaza del Arco, 7. 986 07 71 32


Restaurante Il Popolo – Comida italiana

Rúa Gondomar, 2. 986 30 59 75



Plaza Eirado do Costal 650 30 56 11


Hotel Airiños

Avda Eugenio Sequeiros, 30. 986 30 40 00


Restaurante Conde Aldán

Paseo de Carlos Pérez, nº 12. 986 32 92 29


Restaurante Doade

Rúa do Loureiro, 1 Vilariño – Hío.  986 32 83 02

Must-do activities

Some of the activities include hiking trails such as the Fraga River Trail (ask Jose for the one that passes by the house). On the old road of Marín you will find the Ecopark (link to the website) or the Aquapark in Sanxenxo.

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